Watsu® – Aquatic Bodywork

Randy Pacheco LMT performing Watsu® aquatic bodywork on a client

Session provided to you in your own pool.

Watsu® is a form of aquatic bodywork technique that makes use of Shiatsu massage while you float in a pool of warm water. It will help loosen the muscles around your spine and limbs to leave you deeply relaxed with increased mobility.

In a Watsu® session, the warm water softens tight muscles and their holding patterns making them more receptive to the Watsu’s effective stretching sequence. Having the body also experience the freedom from gravity will contribute to the mind’s unwinding for profound bliss.

Watch video of Randy Pacheco, LMT performing Watsu® at Easter Seals Colorado

Don't forget: You MUST have your pool heated to 96º, and have a 14 x 14 shallow end with a depth of 3.5 to 4 feet to allow for maneuverability and safety.

Single Sessions

1 client during a single visit

1 hour session


1.5 hour session


Consecutive Sessions

2 clients during a single visit

2 x 1 hour sessions (2 hrs)


2 x 1.5 hour sessions (3 hrs)


What clients say about a Watsu® session with Randy Pacheco

Judy S

"AWESOME! Very relaxing and nurturing!"

Robb L

“Prior to my first Watsu session, I had some concerns about being able to just let go and trust myself to your care in the water. Of course, just moments into the session, those concerns were no issue — felt very safe. During the session, there came a moment when I had the sensation of flying, like being in a dream-state — yet I remained fully conscious of what was happening. It was incredibly relaxing physically, but, even more importantly to me, it was relaxing mentally. After the session, I think the best words to summarize how I felt are “expanded” and “unburdened”. It was a very refreshing experience.”

Debra B

"Relaxing and renewing. The Watsu pool quiets the mind and allows you to let go."

Christopher S

"I wanted to tell you about an outcome from the Watsu treatment last week. The therapy was so calming to my mind that I had a profound epiphany while I was driving home that has continued to comfort me since. It almost sounds funny, but I don’t mean it to be. I realized that I’m not the center of the Universe! I wouldn’t admit to just anyone that I’m just learning this at age 40, but I know you will understand. So, since that moment of epiphany, I have used this new knowledge to reduce anxiety on many occasions. There is a lot of pressure associated with being the center of the Universe, and I’m thankful for the realization that I don’t need to take on all the pressure–I can just be another mere mortal Joe. Anyway, I do attribute the epiphany to having an extremely calm mind after the Watsu therapy, so I thought you might like to know of the profound effect that it had (and continues to have) on me. Thanks, Randy!"

Michele Young, CMT & CYT

"I had experienced 2 other Watsu massages before Randy and wasn’t very impressed, and didn’t really understand this type of massage. However, when I worked with Randy I had a change of heart! I felt safe and cared for and in the end, I was buzzing for hours afterward. Randy has such an open heart that it reached out and opened mine a little more! I would highly recommend Randy Pacheco. His years of massage therapy were all leading up to this type of healing work."

Charlie B

"My first WATSU treatment proved to be very interesting and delightful; the movements in the warm water allowed my body to let go of stresses and to be naturally relaxed; that state of well-being continued throughout the balance of my day. It was a wonderful personal experience."

Jane G

"I found watsu with Randy to be incredibly relaxing, comforting and rejuvenating. He made the whole experience feel safe and effortless. I would highly recommend Randy and this profound healing therapy to anyone!"

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