I facilitate health and wellness to the active individual by providing both Watsu aquatic therapy sessions and In-Home Thai Bodywork treatments, to keep you actively doing the sports and activities you enjoy.
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My name is Randy Pacheco LMT, I have been in private practice since 1993. I specialize in advanced bodywork and massage therapies to create balance and well-being within all my clients. If you’re recovering from injury, wanting to increase longevity and range of motion, or just to maintain an active lifestyle, you would benefit from my style of work. I welcome the opportunity to assist you towards a stronger and vibrant life.

After over 20 years in an office setting and making clients come to me, I realized it’s a better service if I travel to them. I exclusively do mobile, in-home treatments; within a 25 mile radius of downtown Denver, CO.

Deep Tissue Massage & Neuromuscular Therapy

Western-styled massage table work which uses a variety of trigger point techniques to provide a deep and lasting relaxation of your muscular discomfort and a correction to muscular dysfunction.

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Traditional Thai Bodywork Massage

Traditional Thai bodywork massage sessions combine the best of Thai Yoga massage and stretches, Sports massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Trigger Point therapy—all under the umbrella of Thai medical theory.

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Yomassage™ is a combination of touch, gentle stretching, breathwork, and mindfulness, all provided in a small group setting for relaxation and healing. Founded on the belief that everyone deserves access to therapeutic touch. These are not yoga classes and are suitable for all levels; no experience required. 

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Watsu® Aquatic Bodywork

In a Watsu session, the warm water softens tight muscles and their holding patterns making them more receptive to the Watsu’s effective stretching sequence. Your body also experiences freedom from gravity, which contributes to the mind’s unwinding for profound bliss.

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I was really impressed with your work. I have already started the tennis ball exercises and it’s great. The attention to detail and your methods were somewhat new to me, but very refreshing.

Patrick H.

…the best kept secret in Denver! (Randy) is a certified massage therapist with golden hands & loving heart. He is not just any massage therapist, but a reiki and massage HEALER. He is a powerful energy worker with a beautiful spirit.

Jamison B.

I had the pleasure of working with Randy this past summer while I was in Denver and found him to be extremely professional, knowledgeable about his work, personable, and a great listener… I would highly recommend him and would say he is the best therapist I have had the experience to work with.

Nancy M.

Randy isn’t just a great massage therapist- he is a teacher as well. Demonstrating exercises to do at home, helping to change patterns of sitting, standing and working at a desk to alleviate stress, go along with the best massage ever.

Sharon P.

I have been going to Randy Pacheco for 20+ years and would not trade him for another therapist. When I first started going to Randy it was because of back and leg problems; there was not a place on my body he could apply any pressure without me jumping off the table. Through the years, he has helped me with relaxation and I can now enjoy a massage without the fear of pain. In addition, he is very genuine and cares about his patients.

Sharon S.
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