Mobile Massage in Palm Beach County

Receive advanced massage therapy treatment in the comfort of your own home.

No travel fee for appointments within 30 miles of downtown West Palm Beach.

$40 service fee added for all hotel and docked boat visits.


Gain better mobility for a vibrant active lifestyle, and be free of muscular pain & dysfunction with mobile massage in Palm Beach County.

 Mobile Massage Palm Beach County

Delivered by Randy Pacheco, LMT

If you’re recovering from injury, wanting to increase longevity and range of motion, or just to maintain an active lifestyle

…you, like my many highly satisfied clients, could benefit greatly from my style of work.

With 30+ years experience, I do more than general relaxation massage therapy. I specialize in mobile massage in palm beach county with advanced bodywork and medical massage therapies that:

  • Neutralize muscular dysfunction
  • Decrease pain
  • Increase mobility

Travel Fees:

$0 within 30 miles of downtown West Palm Beach, FL

All sessions are mobile, in-home treatments – I come to your home with my massage table and/or Thai massage mat, plus all the supplies needed for your session. Please book these sessions online.

Extra Distance Travel Fees:

  • $50

    30 - 40 miles from West Palm Beach
  • $100

    40 - 50 miles from West Palm Beach
  • $250

    50 - 75 miles from West Palm Beach

I will waive these travel fees for consecutive sessions of 2 - 4 people. Please Contact Me to book these sessions.

map of service coverage area for mobile massage in Palm Beach county by Randy Pacheco LMT

 Mobile Massage Palm Beach County

Choose the Best Therapy for You

Therapeutic Massage

The manipulation of the body's soft tissues that helps relieve pain and reduce stress and increase mobility.

Thai Massage

A traditional therapy which combines acupressure, Thai medical theory, and assisted yoga postures & stretches.


A form of passive aquatic therapy, this bodywork induces deep relaxation, joint opening, and increased mobility.

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 Mobile Massage in Palm Beach County

Mobile Massage in Palm Beach County

with randy pacheco, lmt

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